The region

Exploring the region:

You can explore Marne valley and its many small villages, and the best vineyards of champagne

Chapelle_de_DormansDORMANS (10 km)

Dormans is a charming little town set in magnificent cellars where you will find a castle, a First World War memorial, a water mill and also a local museum.

You can also go canoeing on the Marne, visit the swimming pool, play mini golf and have lunch there.


EPERNAY (25 km) 

Epernay is the world Champagne capital where the most prestigious brands have their headquarters.

All of them offer tours round their magnificent cellars.


REIMS (25 km )

Reims is the city deco-art where kings of France were crowned and so it is rich in culture.

According to specialists, its cathedral is more beautiful than Notre Dame in Paris. It also has a Gallo-Roman past with lots of places and museum to visit.

The armistice with Germany was also signed in Reims in 1945.

Fau-de-Saint-Basle_Verzy_23102011Les FAUX de VERZY (25 km)

We also have the “Montagne de Reims” regional park and the distinctive “faux de Verzy”, one of only two places in the world where this particular threes grow.

Last but not least you have the Marne valley and its many small villages: an area full of charm for those who want to explore it. Welcome to our region.